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Voice Lessons with Bold Music

Bold Music teaches singing lessons like we teach all of our other instruments: with passion, a dedication to both fun and proficiency, and a belief that our lessons should come to you. Anyone can learn to sing! All types of music are taught by our top voice coaches, many of whom are professional musicians themselves. We take all skill levels, and all ages of singers.


Lesson Options

We offer 45-minute and 60-minute sessions for all lessons, which are held weekly. You can choose whichever days of the week work for your schedule! We can travel to you or you can take lessons via live video conference with our talented instructors.

45 Minute

The perfect plan for beginner vocalists or people with very busy schedules! You'll have enough time to practice new techniques and get introduced to new material each week.

60 Minute

Our 60 minute lessons are perfect for serious vocalists. Have time for warmups, learning new material and getting in some practice!

30 & 30 Package

If you have multiple young children who both want singing lessons and you have a tight schedule, our 30 & 30 package is a great fit. Back-to-back 30 minute lessons for each of your children!

Our Vocal Coaches


Based out of Rock Hill

Dallas Dwight


Based out of Tega Cay

Emily Sage


Based in Charlotte

Ethan Pugh


Based out of North Charlotte

Domenice Elcock


Based out of Rock Hill

Joe Levi


Based out of Waxhaw

Maranda Orrell


Based out of Concord

Paul Malina


Based out of the Charlotte area

Ashley Reynolds


Based in Plaza Midwood

James Nunn


Based out of Charlotte area

Eric Davis


Based in South Park

Melody Jackson


Based in Rock Hill

Will Cosper


Based in Rock Hill

Matthew Howard

Children, Teens, Adults, and Seniors Welcome

Anyone can sing, so we teach everyone! All ages are welcome, from small children to adults. Our experienced instructors have lessons available in informal styles for small children and more structured, but still fun lessons are available for older children and adults. Singing is good for your body and your brain, at any age!

Children with full schedules (and their parents with even fuller schedules) can still get quality voice instruction because our teachers will come to you. Learning in the comfort and security of your own home can make you or your child more relaxed and able to learn. Plus, there are never any traffic problems making it take forever to get to and from your child’s lessons!

No Particular Skill Level Required

Some people think that they have to have a perfect voice before taking singing lessons. We think that’s silly! What you really need is a passion for singing and an interest in improving your craft. Whether your singing in the shower is popular or despised, we can teach you how to improve your singing voice and have fun along the way.

Your current skill level is not important when you come to Bold Music. We love teaching people who have never had any voice classes as well as those who have years of training under their belt. There is always more to learn, as advanced singers know. But everyone has to start somewhere, and beginners of all ages are more than welcome to join our Bold Music family.

Private Lessons Offer Benefits Over Group Instruction

There are a number of benefits of private voice lessons. The first one is that the instructor can spend all of their time focusing on you. Obviously, this means that you can get a lot more out of an hour with a private instructor than you can out of an hour of group instruction. It also means that we can tailor the lesson to your interests. Instead of having a general curriculum designed for all students, we teach according to what you want to learn.

Another benefit of private lessons is that they remove some of the stress of classroom training. Some people are just more comfortable learning in their own homes. Even people who are comfortable up on stage singing in front of a crowd may prefer to hone their craft somewhere more private. Relaxation makes for better learning, so our in-home lessons are perfect for helping you become the best singer you can be.

Your Trained Voice Isn't The Only Benefit of Singing Lessons...

Learning to sing offers a lot of benefits that aren’t just about singing. Several studies have shown that the benefits of singing are both mental and physical:

  • Improved posture
  • Breathing control
  • Increased confidence
  • Better communication
  • More level moods

Music has also been shown to influence the brain in other ways, such as increasing spatial intelligence, which is key to understanding math. Children who are exposed to music regularly may even have different development of the brain, including higher neural activity.

Practice, Practice, Practice: The Key to Improvement

Practice makes perfect, is the saying. In terms of learning music, it is very true. No one ever became a great singer without devoting considerable time and energy to practice. But that doesn’t mean that practice time should be dreaded!

Lessons are a time for learning new ways of doing things. Practice is a time for actually implementing these skills. Remembering all of the things that you learned during the lesson can difficult, and putting all of these things together while singing can be even more difficult. That is why it is incredibly important to spend time practicing.

Luckily, most people who take vocal lessons like singing! Enjoyment should be the backbone of learning to sing, and our instructors will tailor their lessons to your desires so that you can learn while having fun. This means that practice should consist of using your new skills to sing songs that you love, which shouldn’t be a chore!

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