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Charlotte, NC

Private, In-Home Piano Lessons in Charlotte, NC

Interested in taking piano lessons in Charlotte? It’s one of our specialties here at Bold Music. Our piano teachers includes professional musicians who are passionate about their instrument and about teaching people like you. We believe that learning to play the piano should be fun and taught in a stress-free environment like your home for optimal learning. Plus, it allows us to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule! Our Bold Music family is made up of students of all ages, skills, and genre interests, and everyone is welcome.


Lesson Options

Here are our different options for lesson time lengths. Lessons are held weekly and you can choose whatever weekdays make sense for your schedule – it’s up to you! We can travel to you or you can connect with our teachers via live video lessons.

45 Minute

These are perfect piano lessons for kids and beginners who are just starting to learn to play piano. We believe that short sessions keep younger students from getting information overload and also help them begin to grasp basic skills. Our fun, professional piano instructors will help you get the most of your 45 minutes!

60 Minute

Our 1-hour lessons are meant to give students the chance to expand their knowledge on the piano without feeling pressured. Within one hour, a student has ample time to practice new techniques, discuss a wide variety of musical concepts with his or her instructor, or go through piano theory in detail. However, we know that “you know you best,” so lessons can cover whatever you’re interested in.

30 & 30 Package

Have two young children that both want piano lessons? Our 30 & 30 package is designed just for you. Two back-to-back 30 minute piano lessons, perfect to families with young children and busy schedules!

An Instructor for Every Kind of Piano

There are a wealth of styles of piano that people are interested in, and our instructors can provide skilled guidance in all of them. If you want to learn it, we will teach you how to play it:

  • Classical
  • Pop
  • Modern
  • Jazz
  • And More!

There’s no need to suffer through learning music that you aren’t really interested in like you might at a group class. Instead, our instructors speak to you about your passions and interests, and customize a lesson plan to help you become the best musician you can be while also having plenty of fun.

If you want to learn to play but aren’t sure what genre you’re interested in, that’s no problem. Our instructors will help you learn the basics so that you can start playing simple songs, and then you can discover what really sparks your passion. Not everyone knows what they want to play at first, and that’s okay!

Our Piano Teachers

Because we have the interests of all our students at heart, our professional team of piano teachers are not only passionate about their line of work but also have a wealth of experience as instructors. Many of them are recording and performing professionals who’ve toured the country and different parts of the world extensively. On top of that, they have varied and adaptable approaches to offering piano lessons for beginners and advanced learners of all ages. Meet some of them below!


Based in Rock Hill

Dallas Dwight


Based in Eastover

Payton Harkins


Based in Charlotte

Rahsaan Lacey


Based in Tega Cay

Emily Sage


Based in North Charlotte

Domenice Elcock


Based in Mallard Creek

Will Sumner


Based in Waxhaw

Maranda Orrell


Based in Rock Hill

Joe Levi


Based in NoDa

David D'Angelo


Based in Charlotte area

Ashley Reynolds


Based in Plaza Midwood

Ryan Colebeck

nicole-foo- photo

Based in Charlotte area

Nicole Foo


Based in Sheffield Park

Jackson Cini


Based in Rock Hill

Matthew Howard


Based in Plaza Midwood

James Nunn


Based in South Park

Melody Jackson


Based in University

Danielle Dameron


Based in Ballantyne

Kelly Xu


Based in Rock Hill

Will Cosper

We Teach Kids, Adults, and Everyone In Between!

Whether you are young or old, or anywhere in between, we will teach you. We have patient and experienced teachers for children, and we truly believe that working with your child’s interests will create a better learning environment where they can both succeed and enjoy that success. Of course, our instructors for adults are patient and experienced as well!

As a busy adult, you might think that you don’t have time to fit piano lessons into your schedule. But if you choose to become part of the Bold Music family, we will come to your house and fit right into any free space in your schedule. Plus, we are flexible about rescheduling, so there is never any need to miss lessons because your plans changed!

Beginners and Advanced Students Welcome

Our students range from those who have never touched a piano in their lives to those who are already performing. Beginners start with the basics, including chords, scales, note reading, and simple songs. This builds a foundation so that as you advance, you have the necessary skills to play harder and harder pieces.

More advanced students learn tips and tricks for improving their performance. We move on to harder songs and help you polish your performance. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, we tailor our lessons to your interests. Even simple songs can come from a variety of genres, and we want to teach you the ones that interest you the most! Interested, passionate students learn better and enjoy themselves more, which are both things we believe are very important here at Bold Music.

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How to Improve Your Piano Skills: Practice

The best instructors in the world cannot make you the best player you can be if you don’t practice. Practice is where you put the skills that you have learned in lessons into use. Muscle memory begins to get built, so that your hands know where to go without you having to pause and think about it. Note reading skills improve the more you sit down and figure it out. Your timing will improve. Every part of playing benefits from practice!

Plus, when you practice, you can take note of any questions you might want to ask your instructors. You can also think about specific things that you are interested in learning more about, and things that you are struggling with. The more you know about what you want to learn and enjoy doing, the better we can customize our lessons to help you!

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