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What is Junior Jammers?

The Junior Jammers program was born out of a simple need: kids need to learn music from a young age, and they need to have fun doing it! More and more evidence surfaces every year confirming the cognitive and developmental benefits of learning music at a young age. Our Junior Jammers program jump-starts the musical journey in a fun and engaging way while providing kids with age-appropriate skills that they will benefit from for their whole lives.

The Junior Jammers Curriculum is Centered Around 4 Fundamental Concepts:


Developing fine motor skills


Teaching retention through repetition


Learning fundamentals of rhythm and pitch


Creating and performing real music

Kids and Parents Love Junior Jammers!

Laura Corgan

Curriculum Coordinator at Christ Lutheran Children's Center

"I would recommend Junior Jammers to all preschools. As an administrator, I went down to observe a couple of classes in the beginning. The classes are run beautifully, and I have full confidence in their ability to do their jobs. I do not have to go down and supervise this class or have someone check on them. The teachers have their background checks from NC Department of Health and Human Services."

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