About Us

What is Bold Music?


Co-Founders George Ramsay and Dean Williams began Bold with a simple vision: to reinvent music education in the Charlotte area. Both lifelong musicians, the duo first crossed paths at Davidson College, quickly becoming friends through their shared passion for creating and performing music. They recognized that the Charlotte area has tremendous potential to grow as an artistically relevant region, and envisioned creating a community of musicians, connected to one another through a common thread: Bold Music.

We come to your home. In a fast paced society that only seems to be speeding up, this helps minimize stress while maximizing comfort and productivity. Our in-home lesson program is carefully tailored for each individual based on skill level, inspiration, and eventual goals. Whether you want to strum quietly behind closed doors or you envision a future in the Philharmonic, we put your needs first, using a mixture of the most innovative instructional techniques and those that have stood the test of time.

We also offer live virtual lessons via video conference for students who want the flexibility of learning virtually from the same great instructors.

Of course, learning music is about more than simply practicing scales, and Bold instructors are much more than musical coaches. After all, music is as much a way of life as it is an art form. A competent musician knows discipline, patience, determination, passion and joy—virtues that resonate in all walks of life, not just on a keyboard or guitar. A Bold musician is a well-rounded person, eager to and capable of dealing with challenges on their instrument and beyond. Bold Music strives to promote the power of music, provide role models for our students, and nurture skilled, confident musicians – all the while having fun!

Lastly, our gig nights are unlike any other music lessons program out there. Our students get the chance to perform in front of live audiences at real venues - no stuffy recitals here.

Our Hiring Process

At Bold Music, we take our hiring process very seriously. Every instructor who applies must fit the specific set of skills and talent we are looking for in order to provide the best lessons to our students. In addition, we look for teachers that are great role models in their lives and the broader Charlotte community. Here are some additional details about the steps we take to make sure we hire the best instructors in Charlotte.