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Summer Camp Sessions

Songwriting | Performance | Production

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The Details


Session 1 - High School - June 15-19, 2020
Session 2 - Middle School - June 22-26, 2020
Session 3 - High School - July 13-17, 2020
Session 4 - Middle School - July 20-24, 2020
All 9am - 2pm


Campers will get experience writing and performing at the famous Evening Muse in NoDa, and learning the ropes of recording their own music at Sioux Sioux Studio. More details on the daily agenda below!


Bold Music Summer Camp Sessions costs $600 for the entire week. That includes lunch every single day and a pizza party to cap the week on Friday! Don't worry, dietary restrictions are OK.

A Note on Safety:

We take the health and safety of our students and campers very seriously. This year, we're offering a virtual camp option, which is $475 (vs. $600 for in-person). We are also taking several precautions to make sure all campers are safe.

  • All sessions are limited to 10 campers and 3-4 staff members
  • We will ask that all campers take their temperature each morning before coming into camp
  • We will recommend all campers wear masks in accordance with state and federal guidelines
  • Days 1-3 at The Evening Muse can be attended virtually if preferred
  • Days 4-5 can be staggered so that campers can minimize contact with others while recording, or they can record from home if they prefer

And There's a Raffle!

We’ve partnered with our friends at Tosco Music to raffle two Bold Summer Camp Sessions! Two winners! Raffle tickets are only $20 and proceeds support a fabulous nonprofit mission – get your raffle ticket here. If you win the raffle after registering for camp, we’ll refund your deposit.

Quotes from Campers

"My son Charlie loved Bold Music Camp! It was an incredible learning experience to collaborate with peers on an original song and record it in a professional studio. The camp really sparked his interest in songwriting and performing!"

Mary L.

Charlotte, NC

"The Bold Music studio camp is an amazing experience for young musicians. When I was at the camp, I was introduced to the professional studio environment in a fun and approachable way, with great instructors to guide us. I walked away with tons of practical knowledge about what it's like to record and create music. In many ways, it helped pave the way for my continued music career in college and beyond."

Johnny H.

Charlotte, NC

"Whether you're a passionate hobbyist trying to make home recordings or looking to peruse music professionally, understanding the inner workings of a recording studio is an essential skill set for any serious musician. Bold Music provided me with that experience when I was in high school, and I will never forget it. The camp has top notch, friendly, down-to-earth instructors, and is a great opportunity to met fellow musicians and create lasting connections. I attended twice, and both times I walked out with new friends, a wealth of knowledge about making music, and an original song I was proud to be a part of."

Chris H.

Charlotte, NC

Every Day is Action Packed

Monday @ Evening Muse

Introduction to songwriting. Workshops, activities and discussion on what goes into songwriting. Campers will immediately be put to work writing jingles, and a framework of the session's Original Song will be laid out.

Tuesday @ Evening Muse

Analyzing songs and song form, and the draft of the Original Song will be completed!

Wednesday @ Evening Muse

Live venue etiquette, how to prepare, soundcheck and perform live. Students will rehearse their original song as a group, while continuing to fine tune the arrangement.

Thursday @ Sioux Sioux Studio

What it takes to be a studio musician, recording studio etiquette and best practices. Instrument tracking for the Original Song. Vocalists will learn how to best prepare for recording in a studio versus in a live setting, and assist as audio engineers/producers for the recording session.

Friday @ Sioux Sioux Studio

Vocal tracking, and any final touches to ensure all parts of the Original Song are recorded. Non-singers will assist as audio engineers/producers. Discussion on mixing, mastering, and publishing their original song.

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