How do I know if my teacher is any good?

Bold Music instructors are professional musicians. We attract the best music teachers in the region largely because our company is owned by musicians. Our instructors know we understand their challenges and how they enrich our community. They are valued, supported, and provided with opportunities to hone their craft. During the hiring process, Bold instructors are vetted by George Ramsay, co-founder and CEO, for their musical ability, theory knowledge, and teaching effectiveness. All of our instructors provide performance videos for review, have multiple interviews, and go through thorough background and reference checks. 

Can I pick the teacher I want?

You can request a teacher if you’d like, but we can’t guarantee that you will work with your requested instructor. Placing a student with an instructor involves matching a student’s instrument, address, and availability with the teacher's instrumentation, location, and availability. Like a puzzle - all of the pieces have to fit.

Do you provide my instrument or do I have to buy one?

You must have your own instrument before lessons can begin. For voice instruction, this includes having a 44 key keyboard. If you need help purchasing an instrument, please let us know - we can help. 

Can I have a trial lesson?

We do not offer trial lessons. We work hard to hire the best instructors and do our best to match your needs and availability with the ideal instructor. We are a subscription service and have a 60 day minimum enrollment period (eight lessons). It generally takes a 3-6 month commitment to make real progress on a new instrument.

How many times can I reschedule lessons, and can I skip a lesson?

As long as you give your instructor 24 hours notice, you can reschedule your lesson as often as necessary. All student cancelled lessons are made up on our virtual platform. Regarding skipping lessons, being part of our subscription based service means that you have reserved personalized time on your instructor's schedule. We purposefully offer a very generous rescheduling and makeup policy to give you and your instructor every opportunity to get the most from your lessons. For this reason we do not allow for skipped sessions.  

What happens if my teacher cancels a lesson? 

If your instructor cancels a lesson they will make every effort  to reschedule the lesson with you. If a rescheduled date is agreed upon, it will be done in-home if lessons are taught in-home. If a makeup date can not be found, you will be credited for the cancelled lesson on your next bill.

What if I want to discontinue lessons? 

We have a 30 day cancellation policy. If you’d like to discontinue your lessons, please email or call the office to let us know, and your end date will be set 4 lessons out from the date of notification. We do this out of courtesy to our instructors so their monthly schedule and income can be effectively managed.

Will my bill be the same each month?

Not necessarily. Our system bills monthly for four lessons. There are some months however when there are 5 teaching days in a month. In these instances, you will see your bill adjusted in the following month. Our billing adjusts are always made in the following month. We’re always happy to answer any billing questions that you have and you can always see your bill and charges in our system. 

What makes Bold Music different from other lesson companies? How do I know if Bold Music is for me?

Bold is different from other music studios because we offer much more than music instruction, and our commitment to top quality service is unparalleled. We are a community of musicians and students with many opportunities to collaborate, and we tailor our instruction to your interests rather than strictly adhering to one methodology. We are customer focused and recognize that our small business depends on excellent service. We enjoy working with committed students- and recognize that every week we are working together to make the experience great for our students and instructors.