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Drum and Percussion Lessons with Bold Music

Interested in leveling up your skills on a drum set? Our top level Bold Music instructors can teach students all skill levels and ages. We come to you so that you never have to wade through traffic jams or waste time getting to us. The traditional drum set is a great instrument, and we enjoy teaching all kinds of people all kinds of different styles. Our customized drum lessons combine fun and learning by teaching you what you want to learn!


Lesson Options

You can choose from a couple different time length options for each lesson that are held weekly – the days of week you choose for your lessons are also up to you. We also offer live online music lessons via video conference for students. Learn more about all lesson options on our packages page.

45 Minute

A 45-minute lesson is ideal for beginners and hobbyists. It’s also a perfect way to start drum lessons for kids. The shorter sessions allow newbies to get their feet wet, and shorter lessons also keep younger students from getting information overload.

60 Minute

One hour lessons give students enough time to learn new things without feeling pressured. An hour is long enough to absorb new material, practice new techniques, discuss musical concepts and fine-tune methodology.

30 & 30 Package

Have multiple children in your house that want to take drum lessons? This is the package for you. Back-to-back 30 minute lessons are perfect for younger children in the same household.

Drum Types and Styles That We Teach

If you want to learn to play a particular kind of music on a percussion instrument, we will help you learn how to play it. Our private drum lessons are customized to meet your needs, because playing should be both fun and beneficial to your overall skill set. Our individualized lesson plans take the kind of music that you want to learn to play and work in the skills that you need to learn if you want to improve. Private lessons are a great option for people who know exactly what kind of music they want to play, but we can also help you out if you need to try a few styles before you decide where to focus your attention.

We mostly teach on traditional drum sets, which are versatile instruments. Once you speak to us about your musical interests, we will put together a lesson plan that teaches you what you need to know while learning to play what you want to play. We truly believe that lessons are most effective when they are fun, engaging, and informational all at the same time.

Our Drums/Percussion Instructors


Home Base: Indian Trail

Nate Kivett


Home base: Plaza Midwood

Ryan Colebeck


Home Base: Charlotte

Ethan Pugh


Home Base: Charlotte

Devyn Dayton


Home Base: University Area

Clai Williams


Guitar, bass, piano, production, drums

Will Sumner

Anyone Can Learn How to Play

Whether you are younger or older, we can teach you. Drums appeal to all types of people, from younger kids who like the activity level to older folks who like the challenge of difficult solos. Either way, our fun lessons will teach beginners how to start playing and seasoned players how to improve. All kinds of music can be played on a drum set, including music that appeals to any generation or age group.

Because we come to you, your kid’s busy schedule is no problem! We will work around it. And since adults are often even busier, it’s a great option for them, as well. An instructor will show up at your house at a time that works for you, and work with you or your child for the lesson period. There’s never any driving for you, and we are flexible if you need to reschedule. Bold Music can fit into your schedule anywhere that you have a little spare time!

All Skill Levels are Welcome

Beginning students who have never touched a drum set and advanced players who have stage experience are both welcome. The important part is a passion for music and a true desire to learn the drums. Beginner students will learn fun music while honing their skills for more advanced songs, and experienced players will tackle challenging but entertaining pieces while learning new tricks and techniques. Our experienced instructors have something to teach everyone!

Our drum lessons are ideal for anyone. Private lessons mean that our instructors can give you their undivided attention. They are great for people who might have trouble making it to a facility because of traffic or other time-constraining issues. If a regularly-scheduled time is a problem for you, we can help with our flexible rescheduling policy. People who are a little shy and want to work on their skills at home also love our in-home lessons. Whatever the reason, our lessons are ideal for almost everyone.

Take the Time to Practice!

We recommend that our drum students practice at least 20 minutes a day. However, we never require you to practice. If something happens and you just don’t have time that week, we understand!

Practicing is key to improving, though, and the players who get the most out of our lessons are the ones who practice regularly. Playing music involves the whole body, from your brain to your bones. Practice is an important way to learn how to put all of the different components of playing together. Muscle memory and automatic reactions are important parts of becoming a better drummer, and both will benefit from increased practice time. Overall, practice will make you a better percussionist!

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