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Charlotte, NC

Learn to Play with Bold Music

Want to learn how to play the saxophone, flute, clarinet, or other woodwind instrument? Our instructors will come to you and teach you to play in the comfort of your own home. We also offer virtual lessons over live video conference, which is available to all students. Bold Music instructors are some of the best musicians in Charlotte and will teach you to play these awesome instruments on your own schedule without having to drive to a stuffy recital.


Lesson Options

We offer a few different packages for lessons. Pick whichever option suits your schedule the best! Be sure to check out our live video conferencing lessons as well.

45 Minute

This is a great plan for a wide variety of students who may be crunched for time and want to catch a quick lesson on their lunch break or after school or work.

60 Minute

Our full hour time slot is perfect for students who are serious about learning to master the sax, flute, or clarinet.

30 & 30 Package

If you have multiple children interested in learning these instruments, this package is for you! Back-to-back 30 minute lessons, one for each child.

Lessons Catered To Your Style

Woodwind instruments have a sound that can stand alone or can mix fluidly with other instruments. Our instructors will teach you to play songs as solos or in ensembles. Bold Music instructors take great pride in teaching their students how to play everything from classical masterpieces to the newest popular songs.

The best part is that you get to choose the songs you want to learn, and the instructors will customize your lessons so they are fun and educational. We want you to enjoy your classes, no matter your age and experience levels.

We don’t use a preset curriculum. Instead, we customize everything just for you. Our goal is that you enjoy your lessons so much that you actually look forward to learning. If you have a scheduling conflict, our instructors will work with you to reschedule to meet your needs.

Our Clarinet, Flute & Saxophone Instructors


Based in Rock Hill

Joe Levi


Flute (Skype/video)

Ann Marie Collins


Based in University

Danielle Dameron


Based in Sheffield Park

Jackson Cini

Everyone is Welcome

It is never too late to start learning to play a musical instrument, and it’s also never too late to start again. Our professional instructors know how to teach children, teens, and adults of all ages and experience levels. Since our lessons are customized, our instructors can adjust their techniques for all ages and learning styles.

At Bold Music, our instructors recognize the value of learning to play a musical instrument. Music students learn to practice with patience. They develop self-discipline as they have to struggle through difficult passages. Music students also work on their memory skills, as practice works muscle memory. Students of all ages benefit from practicing these skills.

Our instructors also realize that not everyone had the opportunity to learn a musical instrument when they were in school. Not all schools have budgets to teach music. We encourage anyone interested in learning to play a woodwind instrument in Charlotte, NC, to start now. It doesn’t get more convenient than in-home lessons from professional instructors.

We Teach All Skill Levels

Bold Music instructors are prepared to teach students of all levels from novice to advanced. When it comes to playing music, there is always something new to learn, and there are always skills to practice.

Some of our students come to us wanting refresher courses, while others have never held an instrument in their hands. No matter what level you are, we have lessons for you. We teach foundational skills, refresher skills, and advanced techniques. Interestingly, students of all levels can learn to play the same songs, too. We just adjust the music to various abilities.

Our innovative teaching method works for us. Instead of using a canned curriculum, we use the innovative technique of making each lesson fun and customized just for you. It doesn’t matter if our students are eight years old or 80 years old; we will find a way to make the lesson fun.

Remember to Practice Regularly!

Taking lessons will help you better understand how to play the saxophone, flute, or clarinet. If you want to be a better musician, you must practice, preferably every single day.

You can take all the lessons you want, but without practice, you won’t improve. The more you practice, the better you will get, and you are the only person who can make the commitment to practice each day!

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