Charlotte, NC


George Ramsay

George has been playing music his whole life. Originally a classically trained pianist, he eventually settled on the guitar while also learning bass and cello under David Goodwin at Druid Hills High School in Atlanta. Additionally, he began studying guitar privately under Winston Macfarlane, founder and owner of Vision Music Live. While in Atlanta, he had the privilege of performing an original set at Eddies Attic, known to many as the venue where John Mayer got his start. It was on the guitar that George found his true musical calling. Beginning with the blues, classic rock and funk, he continued his education at Davidson College, where he majored in music, specializing in jazz guitar.

While at Davidson, he studied jazz guitar under Dustin Hofsess, and played in various groups around campus and in the town of Davidson. He was part of a jazz trio that performed at Flatiron Kitchen and Taphouse throughout 2011, as well as being a member of a cover band called Green Eggs and Jam, which was the band of choice for parties as well as official school functions at Davidson. Since graduating, the band has continued to perform at parties and weddings as far away as Wisconsin, Vermont, Louisiana and New York. George continues to perform regularly on guitar with various groups around Charlotte, including his Jazz trio, and he recently joined the local Charlotte act, 5 on Sundays, as bassist.

George also worked as an intern at Charles Holloman Productions in the summer of 2012, where he became a skilled recording engineer and producer. He assisted production of a recording featuring Anthony Hamilton, and worked on many other projects including overdubbing for the television show Banshee while at CHP.

Finally, George played two years of Division 1 Soccer at Davidson College, before giving it up to pursue his many musical interests. He is an advocate of a complete musical education for those keen to learn it all, teaching theory, performance practice, songwriting, and production. George has six years teaching experience on the guitar and bass, specializing in rock, jazz, blues, funk, hip hop and R&B. Whether you are a beginner aiming to strum chords or an advanced guitarist wanting to take it to the next level, Guitar George can help!

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