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Whether you want guitar lessons for beginners, advanced players or another level of play, Bold Music provides private classes in the Charlotte area that will elevate your guitar playing skills without sacrificing convenience. We offer our guitar lessons for kids and adults in the comfort of your home! We recognize that our students (and their families) are very busy. At Bold Music, our instructors come to your home – we want to make it a convenient, fun environment to learn to play guitar. Our guitar teachers are not only the best musicians in the area, but they are also selected because they are fun and goodhearted people!

Lesson Options

45 Minute

The perfect plan for a wide variety of students – everyone from kids just starting out, to adults trying to fit music into their busy schedule.

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Most Popular Package

60 Minute

Our 1-hour time slot is our most popular package – giving students plenty of time to learn new songs without feeling in a rush for time.

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Are you a beginner? No problem!

Our enthusiastic instructors make guitar lessons for beginners fun. Our beginner guitar lessons are given by professional, talented instructors who are trained in all genres of music, so they are passionate about the type of music you want to learn!

Bold Music lessons can be whatever you want them to be! Typically for beginners, initial instruction will concentrate on reading music, strumming chords, playing notes and learning easy songs. As students master the basics, our instructors will begin to tailor the lessons to each student’s musical preferences. Additionally, we offer instruction for classical, acoustic, electric and bass guitars, so students can select the style they like to play.

Our Guitar Instructors

George Ramsay

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Jamie Hoover

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Tony Oliver-Paull

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Victor Hahn

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Greg LaMastro

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Eric Stuart

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Fred Updegraft

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Mikey Marrero

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Kevin Orlando

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Payton Harkins

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Austin Gahagan

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Guitar Lessons for Kids

Looking for a fun after-school activity for your kids? Kids’ guitar lessons with Bold Music are a fun way to learn how to play great music! Most kids under nine years old start with a small, half-sized classical guitar because it will be manageable for them to hold. We recommend that children use nylon strings that are soft and comfortable to strum. As kids grow, they will progress to a full-size guitar. Many of our younger students enjoy learning electric guitar, but we can customize our lessons to each student’s preferences. We also offer a recording camp that gives kids the opportunity to record music while practicing what they learn in a realistic setting.

Adult Guitar Lessons

Did you try an instrument when you were younger, but never practiced a lot? Did you want to play guitar as a kid? Our instructors at Bold Music can help you learn the music you’ve always wanted to in a fun, relaxed setting as an adult. Adult guitar lessons with Bold are customized for what you want to learn – acoustic, electric, jazz, bass, or any style in between!

Whether you want to join a band or just be able to play some songs for fun, we can help you reach your goal.

Advanced Guitar Lessons

Already know the basics and looking to up your game? Bold Music instructors offer advanced guitar lessons, helping you learn cutting-edge techniques and improve your shredding skills. Learn power chords, soloing, finger picking for acoustic guitar, scales and other techniques. Some of our students who are interested in jazz also play using sheet music. Most players, regardless of how advanced they are, want to show off their skills by playing for an audience. With Bold Music, you get an education, a friend, and a taste of what it’s like to be a professional musician. Our guitar instructors even bring students to play in real gigs. It doesn’t get cooler than that! We also provide the opportunity to record in one of Charlotte’s premier recording studios. We are a unique company with a fresh take on an old concept.

Advantages of Guitar Lessons at Home

Whether you or your kids are taking lessons, your busy schedule can make getting to appointments difficult. Here at Bold Music, our guitar instructors come to you! We offer 45-minute, 60-minute and 90-minute lessons, so you can choose the length of the lesson that works for you.

Bold Music guitar teachers also offer flexibility, so rescheduling is never a problem. Learning guitar has never been more convenient, and our fun, professional instructors will help you achieve whatever your goals may be. In-home guitar lessons enrich your life in ways far beyond the actual skill you learn. Playing guitar brings fun, confidence, camaraderie, and a new kind of intelligence. Playing music brings a unique joy both to you and those around you. Call us today to learn more!

Bass Guitar Lessons with Bold Music

If you’re interested in bass guitar lessons, whether for you or your child, Bold Music in the Charlotte, NC, area offers lessons in the comfort of your own home. At Bold Music, we’re all about letting loose and really enjoying creating music. When you’re in your own environment, you’re a little more comfortable and you tend to have more fun learning. That’s our goal for our clients, our Bold Music family.

Bass or Six-String Guitar Lessons?

If you’re debating whether to learn bass guitar or six-string guitar, there are many options to consider. Since the bass only has four strings, it can be easier to get your fingers around the chords and you’ll be jamming out in no time. That doesn’t mean you won’t need lessons to improve your technique and really hone your skills, though.

In a band, the bass guitarist and drummer work together to establish the rhythm of a song. Playing bass can be extremely social. If your goal is to play in a band someday, bass is a great instrument to learn. Our instructors can even provide you with guidance on creating a band or pair you with other musicians at the same skill level to get you started.

There’s not just one way to play bass, either. We will help you learn to play in a style you enjoy. Being a fan of the music you’re playing is going to make you want to practice and progress. Bass offers a wide range of playing techniques, from slapping to picking to playing it in the style of classical guitar.

Learn to Play without Leaving the House

We understand that some days it seems like you need five more hours just to get everything done. The instructors at Bold Music come straight to you, reducing the amount of time you spend schlepping back and forth.

Playing bass can help you appreciate the music you love to listen to as you notice the delicately crafted notes emanating from this rich instrument. It’s never too early or too late to learn a new instrument. Call us today to find out more about learning to play bass guitar.