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There has never been a better time to learn how to play the violin or improve your skills on the viola! If you’re looking for violin or viola lessons in Greensboro, NC, look no further than Bold Music. You can learn the viola/violin from the comfort of your living room! We’ve recruited some of the best musicians in the Greensboro area who are ready to teach personalized, one-on-one instruction. We teach people who’ve never picked up a violin to players with decades of experience who want to improve their technique or learn a new genre.    

Bold Music offers viola and violin lessons in Greensboro, in-home or live over video conference. You can schedule your lesson for a time that works best for you, for the length of time you want. Our instructors will come to your home for a private, in-home session or give you lessons via live video conference. This means you’re not watching pre-recorded clips like you might see elsewhere online. We also offer guitar lessons, piano lessons, singing lessons, and drum lessons in the Greensboro area. Learn from the best, and boldly go where the music takes you!

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Lesson Options

We offer a few different types of video lessons at Bold Music, each taught weekly, live over video conference.

60 Minute Lessons

Our one-hour violin and viola lessons are great for beginners and advanced students alike! Learn new techniques and still have time to practice.

45 Minute Lessons

Can't squeeze in a full hour? Our 45-minute lessons still give you plenty of time to cover valuable material each week with our instructor.

30 Minute Lessons

Just have time for a quick session? Have a small child with a short attention span? Our 30-minute lessons are a great option for a wide variety of students.

Our Teachers

Because we have the interests of all our students at heart, our professional team of violin and viola teachers are not only passionate about their line of work but also have a wealth of experience as instructors. Many of them are recording and performing professionals who’ve toured the country and different parts of the world extensively. On top of that, they have varied and adaptable approaches to offering violin and viola lessons for beginners and advanced learners of all ages. Meet some of them below!


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Kyra Totillo


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Miski Zuniga-Carrera

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The violin and viola are both versatile, classic instruments with rich histories and modern popularity! In addition to enduring styles like Baroque, jazz, and bluegrass, violinists and violists are shaking things up in modern eclectic genres including hip hop and dubstep. If you weren’t sure the violin or viola could line up with your preferred musical style, think again!

The violin and viola instructors at Bold Music are ready to teach you how to play:

  • Classical Baroque style
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Folk and Bluegrass (Fiddle style)
  • Modern Eclectic (Improvisational, R&B, Hip Hop, Dubstep)

So, what’s your style? Playing a classical solo with an orchestra? Plucking out a bluegrass song with an acoustic string band? Or playing a high energy dubstep piece on an electric violin? Name your genre, and our instructors will focus on what you want to play so you can reach your goals as quickly as possible.

It’s called “playing” the violin for a reason. Lessons shouldn’t just feel like work. We keep the “play” in playing the viola or violin by focusing on songs and styles that will engage you and keep you entertained. After all, the more you’re having fun the better you’ll practice and learn!


We offer viola and violin lessons in Greensboro, NC, catered to all ages and adapted to any schedule. So whether you’re a child or teen with a burgeoning love for music or an adult looking to pick up a new skill or refine your technique, we’re here to help you. Our students range from children to seniors – you can learn to play the viola or violin no matter your age! 

Kids love learning instruments because they learn songs and feel accomplished. They also learn discipline by following the music and practicing until they get it right. Adults can get the same satisfaction from lessons as children! When hearing a beautiful piece of music makes you want to learn to play it yourself, remember it's never too late to learn. No matter what background you have, we can help you cultivate your love and appreciation for music.


You haven’t touched the viola since that year your mom made you take lessons in the 80s? You’re an experienced classical violinist who wants to learn to fiddle? Your child saw that cool duo playing electric violin on YouTube and wants to learn to play too? Bold Music’s lessons will accommodate your current skill level and teach you the best form and techniques so that you can continue to improve your skills. You’ll learn:

  • Scales
  • Chords & double stops
  • Proper bow & violin hold
  • Bowing techniques
  • Finger positions
  • Reading music
  • And more!

Our instructors make learning fun so that you’ll continue to play and learn about this incredible instrument.

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