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If you’re looking for drum lessons in Greensboro, North Carolina, look no further than Bold Music. Whether you’re a hobbyist, or a budding musician, having an experienced teacher helping you navigate your instrument will help you reach your full potential.

Our experienced teachers can help you take your drumming skills to the next level. All lessons are either in the comfort of your own home or live over video conference every week, no pre-recordings.

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Lesson Options

We offer a few different types of video lessons at Bold Music, each taught weekly, live over video conference.

60 Minute Lessons

A full hour will give us time to cover new techniques and practice some of your favorite songs. Great for beginners and advanced drummers!

45 Minute Lessons

Can't squeeze in a full hour? No worries! Our 45-minute lessons still give you plenty of time to cover great material each week with our instructor.

30 Minute Lessons

Busy schedule? Our 30-minute lessons are great for people on the go and small children just starting out, giving us time to up your skills every week.

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We're off to the races! You'll have weekly lessons to learn how to play the drums and songs you want to play.

A Few of Our Talented Percussion Instructors

CJ Baker



Ryan Colebeck

Devyn Dayton



Nate Kivett

Rocking To Every Beat

Our talented Bold Music instructors can get you rocking with the beat of any song. The drums are present across a wide variety of genres. From the breakneck intensity of hard rock and heavy metal to the freestyle groove of jazz music, the drums drive the beat and guide the other band members to follow.

Our lessons are taught by a variety of instructors with different areas of expertise. Whether you’re interested in learning to play classic music, rock music, jazz, or any other genre, we have instructors that will be the perfect fit for you.

All Ages Welcome: Kids, Seniors, and Everyone in Between

We offer drumming lessons in Greensboro, NC, catered to all ages and adapted to any schedule. So whether you’re a child or teen with a burgeoning love for music or an adult looking to refine your playing or pick up a new skill, we’re here to help you.

No matter where you’re coming from or what background you have, we can help you cultivate your love and appreciation for music and drumming.

Beginners to Experts: We Teach All Skill Levels

Whether you’re just starting, have been playing for years, or are returning to drumming after taking a break from playing, we offer drum lessons for all skill sets. Our lessons cover the basics, intermediate and advanced theory, practices, and techniques. Our lessons will push you to become a better player and a better musician.

Unlike other instruments, drums have a more intuitive playing style. The drums create the backbone of the song and keep the pace. You will need a more attuned sense of rhythm and timing to master the drums. We will teach you how to read and understand drum notation and establish and control the song’s beat through your drumming.

Once you’ve got the fundamentals down, we will coach you to improve your playing skills and eventually get you to a place where you will produce your music.

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