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Learn to Play Guitar with Bold Music

At Bold Music, we're excited to announce that we offer in-home guitar lessons in Raleigh, NC. Our professional patient instructors offer innovative lessons for every type of student. And we teach all styles of playing. We can improve your skills, whether you are just beginning on a bass guitar or you need some professional tips on playing your acoustic guitar.

You can forget about the stress and time of sitting in traffic, trying to make it to your lessons. We come to you! With our flexible scheduling, you can set up a time that works best for you, and you can enjoy your guitar lessons in the comfort of your own home.


Lesson Options

We have a few lesson options to choose from. When you contact us, just let us know what days and times work best for you! Lessons are booked monthly, one lesson per week. We offer both in-home and online music lessons via live video conference.

45 Minute

If you only have 45 minutes available after school or during your lunch break, this lesson is for you! You'll have plenty of time to learn new concepts and skills.

60 Minute

Our full 60-minute lessons are great for students who want the extra time to learn new techniques or theory. Ideal for students of all ages!

30 & 30 Package

Do you have two young children who are eager to learn guitar? Our 30 & 30 package is back-to-back 30 minute guitar lessons, great for families with busy schedules.

Guitar Lessons for Every Style

Guitars are fascinating instruments, and they offer a lot of variety. At Bold Music, we can teach you to play any guitar. Our skilled instructors will work with you on all genres of music on all three popular types of guitars:

  • Bass
  • Electric
  • Acoustic

Do you want to learn the bassline of your favorite rock song on your bass guitar? Well, our instructors can help you out. We focus our lessons on your individual needs. We're here to teach you precisely what you want to play. Just tell us what you're interested in, and we will incorporate it into a fun, exciting lesson plan.

At Bold Music, we will never force you to learn a bunch of boring songs. You get to be in charge of what you work on. Our flexible schedules will work for you too. If something comes up and you have to miss a lesson, no problem. We will gladly reschedule. We're here to help you fit guitar lessons into your life with no stress.

Our Guitar Instructors


Home Base: Clayton

Rushton Loring


Based in Raleigh

Patrick Carr


Based in Durham

Michael Pham


Based in Raleigh

Mandy Mears

Kids or Adults, All Ages Are Welcome

At Bold Music, we offer guitar lessons for students of any age. We welcome kids, teens, adults, and seniors. We start kids off with a half-sized classical guitar because it is easier for them to hold. Many older kids and teens love to learn the bass guitar.

Whichever type of guitar you choose to learn, we will give you lessons in jazz, pop, classical, and more. We even offer an exciting summer camp for kids that will allow them to practice their skills and record music. Our camp focuses on songwriting, performance, and production.

But we don't just teach kids. We also teach adults and seniors to play the guitar. If you always wanted to learn how to play as a kid but never got around to lessons, now is your time!

We all have busy, hectic lives, and it may seem like you could never fit guitar lessons into your crazy schedule. But you can if we come to you. Bold Music will arrange to meet you wherever is most convenient for you, not just in your home.

Beginner or Advanced, We Teach Everyone

Whether you're a newbie to guitar or a seasoned player, our highly-trained professionals will create fun and challenging guitar lessons to improve your skills. Some of our students just need a refresher or some tips on the guitar that they have been playing for years. Others have never touched a guitar in their lives. Either way, Bold Music is here for you!

Beginner students will learn how to play the guitar by starting with the fundamentals: scales, chords, reading music, proper fingering, tuning, rhythm, and arpeggios. They will also have fun learning easy new songs. We help beginners build a solid foundation. From there, they can quickly move on to more advanced training.

At Bold Music, we don't teach dictatorial, autocratic lessons. We believe instead that the best way to learn how to play the guitar is to enjoy your playing while building on your skills. Our lessons are fun! And we have found that the fun keeps our students motivated and engaged. It's a lot easier to learn, too, when you're having fun.

Remember to Practice!

If there's one bit of advice that we could give, it would be to practice, practice, practice! That's how you will become a better guitar player. You will learn a lot in your guitar lessons, but you must practice what you learn. Practice will make you better at playing guitar, but it will also help you to grow as a musician.

There is a certain amount of muscle memory involved in learning how to play the guitar. You must reinforce that memory by repeating skills like reading music and memorizing fingering positions. The bottom line is, the more you practice, the better you will be on the guitar!

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