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At Bold Music, we know that anyone can learn to sing! We believe that passion is the number indicator for success, and if there’s anything we have, it’s passion. Because of this, we know that we can mentor you in the art of voice.

Whether you are new to voice lessons or already a seasoned singer, our top voice coaches are here to guide you. We hire experienced, professional musicians around the Winston Salem area who truly love to teach. Plus, we come to you, so there are no frustrating waits in rush hour traffic or scheduling complications.

We customize your lessons to your needs and your wants so you’re learning music that makes you happy!

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Lesson Options

We offer a few different types of video lessons at Bold Music, each taught weekly, live over video conference, or in-person at your home - your choice!.

60 Minute Lessons

The full hour gives us time to cover new material and techniques, plus leave time for practice!

45 Minute Lessons

If you don't have a full hour available, 45 minutes is still plenty of time to get the hang of new stuff.

30 Minute Lessons

Don't have much time available? Our 30-minute sessions can help you make progress every week.

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Some of Our Talented Vocal Coaches


Voice, piano

Domenice Elcock


Piano, voice, wind instruments

Joe Levi


Guitar, piano, voice, songwriting

Emily Sage


Piano, guitar, bass, drums

Malcolm McKinley

Voice Lessons of Every Range

Everyone dreams of being a trained singer. Our trusted and talented instructors can help you reach your full potential.

Beyond just training your voice and developing a killer technique, voice lessons have been proven to make you healthier. You have better posture and improved breath control. Your new songbird voice contributes to better mental health by making you more confident. Your communication skills are heightened, making you more effective at work and at home.

Plus, the benefits of music contribute to higher spatial intelligence, which is linked directly to math skills. We aren’t saying that our singing lessons will make you or your child a genius, but might as well give it a shot, right?

All Ages Welcome

Many parents in the Winston Salem area are hesitant to sign their children up for any kind of lesson. They may think they’re too young, their attention span is not long enough, they will be disruptive, or the class will move too quickly for them.

This is why private lessons are preferable to group settings. Our coaches are patient and experienced. They know how to keep the attention of kids - from small children to teens - and keep lessons fun and engaging. Since your lessons are fully customizable, our teachers make sure that we go at the student’s pace.

Plus, we are in the comfort of your own home. There are no kids wrangled into a vehicle, no waiting in traffic, and no uncomfortable group sessions! It’s an environment your kids already know.

However, we don’t just teach children! Our expert instructors are experienced working with all ages - including yours!

We Teach All Ranges and Skill Levels Too

It is a common belief that you must have a perfect singing voice before getting a voice coach. This is not true at all!

At Bold Music, we pride ourselves on being able to work with students of every skill level. Whether you’ve never carried a tune in your life, or you’re a diva who wants to refine your range, we’ve got you covered.

Nobody is born an expert. As part of the Bold Music Family, we will be beside you on your journey to excellence - no matter where you start from.

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