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Welcome to Bold Music! We provide in-home piano lessons (along with many other instruments) in Winston Salem, North Carolina. We serve all kinds of students and musical styles. Our flexible schedule and in-home lessons mean that your lesson times are tailored to your convenience and you’re never stuck in frustrating traffic.

Our extremely knowledgeable instructors are all talented musicians themselves, so you can be sure that you’re being taught by the best. Whether you are just starting out on piano or you’ve been playing for years and are looking to refine your technique, our patient instructors will customize a lesson plan just for you.

Your musical goals are the key focus of our relationship, so your instructor will make sure that you are getting exactly what you want out of your lessons.

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Lesson Options

We offer a few different types of video lessons at Bold Music, each taught weekly, live over video conference, or in the comfort of your home - it's up to you!

60 Minute Lessons

Our hour-long lessons give us time to learn new songs and practice with your instructor.

45 Minute Lessons

45-minute lessons are great for nailing the basics of a new technique or song.

30 Minute Lessons

Don't have much time? Our 30-minute lessons are great for making progress each week.

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Some of Our Talented Piano Instructors


Voice, piano

Domenice Elcock

Malcolm McKinley


Piano, voice, wind instruments

Joe Levi


Guitar, bass, piano, songwriting, voice, production

James Nunn

Piano Lessons For All Styles!

We all know that there are many styles when it comes to piano.

Luckily, our expert instructors are skilled in all of them! Examples include:

  • Jazz Piano
  • Classical Piano
  • Modern Piano
  • Pop Piano
  • Liturgical Piano
  • Musical Theater Piano
  • And More!

If you have a desire to learn, our skilled instructors will teach you. At Bold Music, we only hire talented musicians who know exactly what it takes to reach the next level in your piano prowess.

We want you to succeed - and this means not boring you by making you suffer through playing “Hot Cross Buns” with a group of 20 other people. If you know what style of piano interests you, our instructors will customize your lesson plan to ensure that you are having fun while excelling in your style of choice.

If you know that you want to play piano, but you have not figured out which genre (or genres) is for you yet, don’t worry! Our trusted teachers will guide you through the basics and start you with some simple songs. From there, we can figure out together which style really makes you feel passionate about piano performance!

Wherever you are in your journey, the Bold Music Family will be here to meet you.

We Teach All Ages

No matter your age, there is room in the Bold Music Family for you! We teach piano to everyone: young, old, and anywhere in between.

If you have young children who are ready to get started on their musical journey, it can be stressful signing them up for lessons.

The attention span of a small child doesn’t always make attending group classes an easy venture. Luckily, with our in-home lessons and patient instructors, you don’t have to worry about disruptions. Our very talented teachers are used to working with children and can go at your child’s pace.

As a busy adult, you probably have a hard time fitting lessons into your schedule. You’ve tried to follow along with videos online, but let’s face it: you just need a teacher if you want to learn piano. With our flexible scheduling, we will work around your valuable free time and will always be responsive and understanding if you need to reschedule!

We Teach All Skill Levels

Whether you have never touched a piano before in your life, or you have been playing for years, we are prepared to work with you.

Everyone starts somewhere: Franz Schubert was not born playing the piano.

Once you are part of our Bold Music Family, we customize your lesson plans to your needs. This means your skill level, genre, schedule, and more. Every member of our family is at their own point in this journey, but we are all in it together!

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