Charlotte, NC


Will Sumner

Will’s earliest memory of music was a fascination with the equalizer bars bouncing around the screen of a thumping boom box. Beginning guitar lessons at the age of 12, Will’s desire to create music lead him to Electronic Music Composition. At age 14, he began composing full band ensembles with his laptop. Despite switching from the typical 4-piece setup to electronic music, he retained his love for guitar and the blend of heavy rock styles that had first entranced him. Electronic music allowed him to see composition in a light beyond what it means to be a guitarist and quickly his focused changed to learning more instruments and music theory. After years honing his skills on guitar, bass, piano, production, drums, arrangement and songwriting, He moved to Charlotte, NC and began teaching private lessons in 2017. Embracing a well-rounded approach to the elements of music beyond any individual instrument, Will helps each student to reach their musical goals and truly understand the artistry of music.