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At Bold Music, we’re proud to provide the community with in-home and virtual music lessons. We’ve found a lot of support for what we do in Raleigh, NC, and are now offering music production and songwriting courses. So, no matter your skill level or understanding, our expert instructors are here to help you develop and hone the craft of songwriting.

Plus, since we come to you, you don’t have to worry about traffic or the stress of making your lessons on time. Our scheduling is very flexible. We know you’re busy and are happy to find the times that work best for you. On top of that, lessons will are conducted in a setting that you find the most comfortable: your home!


Lesson Options

We offer a few different lesson options that you can choose from depending on your schedule. You choose the days and times you want! Don't want to do in-home lessons? We also offer live video conferencing lessons.

45 Minute

Our 45 minute lessons are good for people who are on a tight schedule or just want to explore the amazing world of songwriting and music production.

60 Minute

If you're serious about learning to write your own songs, our hour long lessons are for you. The full 60 minutes gives us time to cover new concepts and practice!

30 & 30 Package

If you have multiple children who are passionate about songwriting and production, our 30 & 30 package is for you. Two back-to-back 30 minute lessons.

We Teach Every Style and Genre

Music production and songwriting cover a broad spectrum of music, and we know that not everyone has the same taste. Don’t worry! Our instructors are excited to tailor lessons around you and what you’d like to learn. In fact, that’s what we do. Pick a style of music and a genre that you’d like to learn, and we’ll match you with an instructor who can deliver.

We offer lessons in all styles and genres of music. Songwriting is a craft that involves a lot of different skills and a broad range of knowledge. Our instructors are experts in the field and happy to work with students as individuals. Everyone comes with their background and skill set. Keeping that in mind, lessons are designed to build understanding and hone your craft.

Plus, music production is a lot more than merely recording these days. No longer is it just you and an acoustic instrument composing a song. These days, we all have access to technology that enables us to produce, compose, refine, and share our music. Our instructors have experience in the real world of music and are here to help you through the entire process, from writing lyrics and melodies to recording and editing.

Our Production & Songwriting Instructors


Home Base: Clayton

Rushton Loring


Based in Smithfield

Nate Williams

Lessons for All Ages

At Bold Music, our lessons are for everyone. We teach young children and older adults with equal dedication. There’s a lot involved in songwriting and music production, and there’s something to learn for everyone. Whether you’re a total newbie or are looking to pick back up after some time, our lessons are perfect for you.

We teach both busy adults and kids just starting. At any age, songwriting begins with the same fundamental skills, such as rhyme schemes and song structure. From there, the sky’s the limit!

All Skill Levels Too!

Our lessons are not just for beginners or kids just starting to learn about music. Many of our instructors are seasoned musicians with experience in all aspects of songwriting and music production.

In fact, many of our students are people with a lot of musical talent who are looking for a way to take their proficiency to the next level. From novice to an advanced musician, our instructors are here to help you continue to grow and learn.

Whatever your situation, our instructors know how to make things fun. Beginning with harmonies, song structure, music theory, and techniques, students will learn at their own pace, with lessons framed around the student’s taste in music. With a solid foundation in place, more advanced skills will begin to come naturally. We believe that the best learning occurs when you’re engaged and motivated because you’re having fun.

Remember to Practice!

Practice is the foundation of all musical skills. No matter how masterful your instructor and dedicated you are to your lessons, if you don’t spend some time practicing your skills, it could take a long time to improve. Our instructors will teach you all of the techniques and knowledge you need to succeed. Then, if you put the work in, you’ll see steady progress.

A lot goes into music production and songwriting, and there are always new skills to learn. Our lessons will guide you as you continue to grow and develop through practice. Once you have a broad range of abilities and a deep understanding of your craft, you’re sure to become the best songwriter you can.

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