Welcome to Bold Music!

We are extremely excited to have you on board. Being a Bold Music student means being part of a community, and we want to make sure you have the best experience possible. We encourage you to call us with questions, feedback, or stories of your experiences with Bold Music.

Before your first lesson, please be sure to:

  • Have your instrument ready and in good playing condition. 
  • Purchase a notebook or folder to keep all of your materials organized. 


  1. Per our lesson contract, clients must pay a monthly rate for 4 lessons. Lessons are held weekly, at the same time and on the same day unless otherwise agreed upon by the instructor, Bold management, and the client.
  2. Lessons are tracked in the following 4-month Trimester periods: February 1- May 31, June 1–September 30, and October 1–Jan 31.
  3. Payment is due on the 5th day of each month for monthly packages, and late payments may be subject to a penalty.Payment is due on the 5th day of each month for monthly packages, and late payments may be subject to a penalty.
  4. Pricing for In-home lessons:
    1. Monthly Packages
      1. 45 Min Package
        1. $58 per weekly lesson/$232 per month
      2. 60 Min Package
        1. $73 per weekly lesson/$292 per month
      3. 30 and 30 Family Plan (Multiple Students in the same home)
        1. $42 per student per lesson, must be 2+ students back to back in the same house/location on the same day/$168 per month per student
  5. Pricing for Virtual lessons:
    1. 30 Min Package
      1. $37 per weekly lesson/$148 per month
    2. 45 Min Package
      1. $53 per weekly lesson/$212 per month
    3. 60 Min Package
      1. $68 per weekly lesson/$272 per month

Our makeup policy allows: 

  • Students to reschedule lessons whenever requested, provided they give 24 hours’ notice to their instructor. 
  • All makeup lessons for student cancelations must be done via video conference.  
  • If more than 4 lessons are taught in a month (not including makeups) a fee adjustment will be added in the following month.
  • Makeups must be scheduled in the same trimester that the absence occurred, even if the actual makeup lesson will occur in a subsequent trimester. 
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/student to work with their teacher to schedule a makeup for student absences, just as it is the responsibility of the instructor to schedule makeups for any instructor absences. Please reach out to Bold management directly at 919-585-5818 if any issues arise.
  • If no makeup lesson is arranged for a qualifying student cancelation, the student/family forfeits the lesson. 
  • Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, July 4th, Labor Day and Memorial Day are all automatically credited as teacher cancelations, unless the teacher schedules a makeup or the lesson occurs as scheduled. Other holidays are not credited.
  • ALL teacher cancelations qualify for a makeup lesson or a credit.

Practice, Patience, Motivation and Supplemental Lesson Materials

  • It is the responsibility of the student to practice each week. 
  • For best results, we recommend practicing 30 minutes a day, 3-5 times per week. 
  • Learning a new instrument takes time and patience. Students are encouraged to be patient when in lessons and when practicing on their own; frustration is a natural part of the learning process.
  • Students will benefit greatest from music lessons when they are dedicated and self-motivated.
  • Instructors will work to motivate students as best they can. We encourage parents to partner with your instructor to find strategies to motivate your child.
  • Students/parents are responsible for purchasing any supplemental material suggested by an instructor. 


  • Bold instructors are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner. Students are expected to do the same. 
  • Bold instructors reserve the right to terminate a lesson should they feel threatened or disrespected by a client. 
  • Bold management reserves the right to decide whether or not a terminated lesson will be refunded or made up. 
  • If a student feels uncomfortable with their instructor at any time, we encourage the student/parent to contact Bold management immediately. 

Termination of Lessons

  • Clients MUST notify Bold management at least 30 days before discontinuing lessons. Lesson end dates are set as the 4th lesson day after notification, and students are billed for any unpaid lessons within that window on a pro rated basis. 
  • Bold Music LLC reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time, for any reason. If Bold Music terminates this contract, a full refund will be given for any services that have not yet been rendered. 

Bold Music LLC Liability Release

At no time is a Bold Music instructor to enter the home of a student under 18 years of age without a parent/guardian present. An instructor who enters such a premise has broken his or her instructor contract with Bold Music LLC. 

At no time is a Bold Music instructor to enter a home if they are knowingly ill and at no time shall a family allow an instructor to conduct an in-home lesson if the student or any member of the student’s family or household has a fever or is knowingly ill. Bold Music is not responsible or liable for any instructor or student illness. 

The behavior of an instructor, including any damages to a client’s person or property is solely the responsibility of the instructor and not of Bold Music LLC.

Photography/Video Release

I agree to permit Bold Music management and instructors to take photographs and/or videotape during lessons, performances and other activities associated with Bold Music LLC without further recourse. I understand that such photographic images, video, or audio recording of my child may be used for commercial and/or promotional purposes, as well as and most importantly, for their own instruction.