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Lesson Options

45 Minute

Our 45 minute lessons are ideal for a wide range of students—from kids just wanting to give music a shot to working adults interested in learning guitar during a lunch break.

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Most Popular Package

60 Minute

60-minute lessons give students time to learn new material while not feeling rushed. An hour long lesson is great for students of all skill levels who want added time to work on technique or discuss theory under the watchful eye of an instructor.

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30 & 30

You ask for it, and we delivered! This package is for kids doing back to back 30-minute lessons in the same house. We created this package for families with younger children because we know that 30 minutes is best for kids that are always on the move! Great for after-school fun and learning!

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Recording Camp

Our summer Studio Recording Camp is a blast! Learn to song-write and record by recording original and cover tunes in Charlotte’s premier recording studio.

Band Coaching

Interested in putting a band together under the supervision of a Bold Music instructor? Call today to set up guidance for your band or to form a new group with other musicians of the same skill level.

Live Gig Nights

No stuffy recitals here – Bold Music students get to play gig nights all around Charlotte in front of a live crowd! There’s no predefined set list either – you get to play what you want to play.

"As a parent it was very important to find an instructor that not only my child liked but I did as well. George fit the bill. Not only does he have impressive musical credentials but he is intelligent, personable, and clean cut (and he’s cool too). Those qualities may or may not be important to play music but are very important to me as a parent when the instructor is coming to my home each week."

Tom H.

Charlotte, NC

Frequently Asked Questions

What instruments do you teach?

We offer lessons in guitar, drums, piano, singing, bass, flute, violin, and production! We can teach you any style you want to learn.

How much should I practice each week?

You get out what you put in when it comes to learning an instrument. We recommend at least 20 minutes a day of focused practice.

How young is too young to learn an instrument?

Generally speaking, if you can read, you can learn to play an instrument. Studies have shown that learning to play music as a child is directly linked to strong cognitive development.

What's the biggest challenge to learning a new instrument?

Learning music is a very personal process, and every student faces different challenges. Our instructors are experts at identifying areas of difficulty while guiding students to success.

I never took music lessons as a kid. As an adult, is it too late to start?

Absolutely not. Learning a new instrument takes nothing more than interest and dedication. What are you waiting for?

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