Maintaining Your Guitar Part 1: Where to Get Repairs in Charlotte

Guitars are surprisingly delicate instruments. Sure, many of us, including myself, can’t help but picture Pete Townshend and countless other rockers smashing their axe to pieces at the conclusion of a show when the topic of guitar maintenance is brought up. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford to buy a new guitar each time we practice or perform, so it is important that we take care of our instruments. Part one of this series will be simple—we’ll tell you how often and where to take your guitar or bass for maintenance, while part two will discuss everyday practices to keep your instrument in great shape.

No matter how serious a guitarist you are, it will benefit you to get your instrument set up at least once a year. Think of this as your guitar’s annual check-up. A professional luthier or guitar technician checks everything from intonation to action, making necessary adjustments while cleaning the instrument and giving it brand new strings. This ensures that your guitar or bass will perform at its maximum potential while also extending its life.

OK then, so where should you take your guitar or bass to get set up? There really is only one answer: NC Guitar Works at 817 Hamilton Street in Charlotte, at the NC Music Factory.

A two-man operation, Nick Plesz and Craig Landau of NC Guitar Works are the best in the business. With over 30 years combined experience working on guitars and other fretted instruments, their experience really is unparalleled—and it shows.

Craig Landau has been setting the standard for over 25 years in making, repairing and modifying fretted instruments. He has created his own tools and techniques along the way, leading to an unmatched degree of craftsmanship.

Nick Plesz, a one-time protégé of Landau and now owner of NC Guitar Works uses his keen eye for detail as well his experience as a professional musician to make even the most routine repairs special.

Indeed picking up your instrument from a stay at NC Guitar Works is always rewarding because Plesz and Landau have only one standard: excellence. Furthermore, the duo guarantees their work, ensuring clients leave satisfied—no exceptions.

Whatever your guitar maintenance needs may be, we recommend the services of NC Guitar Works exclusively. Bold Music is committed to excellence and so are the folks at NC Guitar Works. Stay tuned for part 2 on everyday practices for keeping your guitar in great playing shape.