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If you're looking to master playing the piano and fully immerse yourself in the new hobby, then you should take the learning process a little further. All you have to do is sign up for our Bold Music piano lessons in Greenville, SC.

At Bold Music, we have some of the best musicians in the Carolinas teaching you how to play piano, and we teach all kinds of students with different playing styles. Whether you’re a beginner or a rusty player, our highly skilled piano instructors will customize your lessons and give you flexible practice sessions for more convenience.


Lesson Options

We offer a few different types of video lessons at Bold Music, each taught weekly, live over video conference.

60 Minute Lessons

Have a full hour available? This is our recommended lesson length to make time for learning each week.

45 Minute Lessons

Our 45-minute piano lessons are still great for learning the fundamentals each week.

30 Minute Lessons

In a hurry? Try our 30-minute lessons to brush up your skills every week.

Everything Piano, From Top Rated Instructors

When it comes to playing the piano, there's a lot of variety. If you want to master the instrument and become an overall skilled piano player, you might want to learn how to play several piano styles. Knowing the important performers, composers, and popular pieces of different piano styles will help you in your learning process.

Our instructors will teach you any piano style you want to learn. We offer lessons in all styles, including:

  • Classical
  • Music theatre
  • Jazz
  • Liturgical
  • Pop/rock

If you want to play any of these piano styles, we have patient and ever-available instructors to help you through your learning experience. We pay attention to your every need and all your preferences. We'll help tailor the lessons with your convenience and satisfaction in mind.

We're all about giving the most flexible services, and you don't have to worry about missing sessions. You always have the option to reschedule your training for another time if you are busy. Our virtual piano lessons will fit right into your days with effortless ease.

A Few of Our Talented Piano Instructors


Voice, piano

Domenice Elcock

Malcolm McKinley


Piano, voice, wind instruments

Joe Levi


Guitar, bass, piano, songwriting, voice, production

James Nunn

Every Age Range

Our instructors take people from different age ranges under their wings. For kids, we provide engaging beginning courses that will walk them through the basics of playing the piano. We offer lessons in all the piano styles suitable for every age.

If you’re an adult finding it hard to balance learning the piano with your busy schedule, we can set up meetings wherever you’ll find convenient. Our sessions are all-encompassing to the needs that come with all ages, so you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered.

Every Skill Level

If you're just starting or you're a seasoned pianist, we have highly professional instructors who will meet you at your skill level. If you're a rusty player who needs a little refreshing, or you've never played the piano in your life, we're more than ready to set you on the path to perfection.

Newbies will learn to play the piano from the basics to the more intricate levels. Our instructors will teach you sight-reading, scales, playing by ear, and more. We'll also use the most straightforward approaches, making the learning process enjoyable for everyone. Our teaching process will ensure that all our students have a fun time as they build solid foundations for advanced learning.

Practice Till Perfection!

With our top-of-the-line techniques, our instructors will guide you through the piano-learning journey. Practice is the primary key to mastering an instrument. If you plan to improve your skill, you have to step outside the learning box and do your own thing.

It is not enough to learn at the feet of your instructors. No great pianist ever mastered the piano by only practicing during lessons. Practicing on your own gives you more insight into essential skills that will help you grow. As you practice, you'll get a grip of muscle memory and create your own melodies. You'll get to unlock every creative chamber within yourself, and this will give you more zeal to get better.

Learning to play the piano should be a smooth ride. You only have to sign up with the best instructors, and you'll key into a quality experience. At Bold Music piano lessons in Greenville, SC, we'll give you a mix of fun and education, so you'll undoubtedly have a memorable time!

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