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Bold Music is a provider of in-home and virtual drum lessons in Greenville, SC, for students of all ages, all backgrounds, and all experience levels. Lessons are accessible globally, personalized for the individual student, and offered at a time that works for you. Each student is matched with an instructor that best meets their musical needs.

We’re very proud of our instructors! They are all professional musicians and teach drumming using their own life experience while encouraging creativity. Our students become a part of Bold Music, and we look forward to welcoming you into the Bold Music Family!

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Lesson Options

We offer a few different types of video lessons at Bold Music, each taught weekly, live over video conference, or in the comfort of your own home.

60 Minute Lessons

The entire hour over video with your instructor allows you to get the best training each week.

45 Minute Lessons

Only have 45 minutes to spare? No worries! We can still cover the fundamentals.

30 Minute Lessons

If you only have 30 minutes available each week, our drum lessons are great to keep learning.

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A Few of Our Talented Percussion Instructors



Ryan Colebeck

CJ Baker



Nate Kivett


Guitar, drums

Devyn Dayton

Our Value Driven Promise: Learn What You Want to Play

We want to provide the knowledge and techniques so you can make the most out of your musical investment and have fun doing it.

Drums, like other instruments, require learning techniques, and our instructors can teach you those and show you how to build them into your own original songs. We can also teach you the best ways to practice your favorite songs to help those techniques grow.

Every genre has a different playing style, and it doesn’t matter what genre you want to play. We can help you learn the fundamental rhythms and patterns of any genre or style and help you start to create a musical foundation. We tailor each lesson to focus on what you want to learn and teach what your learning style needs.

Our lessons are flexible with clear expectations for both instructor and student. If life disrupts your plans and you can’t make a lesson, that’s okay. Just let us know as soon as you can, and we can reschedule your session to a better time.

Kids to Seniors Welcome

We believe that as long as kids are old enough to hold drumsticks, they can play the drums. Younger children often just want to play because it’s fun, and the instructors who teach our lessons understand fun. We know how to teach music to people of all ages and ensure each lesson fits their ability.

In addition to teaching technique, we can help ensure that your child’s drum set-up and throne are the right size for their age and help your teenager learn with lessons made up of modern songs they already enjoy, so practicing doesn’t seem like work.

Regardless of age, we make sure that our lessons encourage creativity and motivate students to learn more. If they start to become dull, we can reassess and adapt our teaching methods.

Of course, our lessons aren’t just for children. We have packages that include multiple family members because it’s never too late to start drumming. You probably said you’d try when you had time; well, even if you have a busy life already, there’s always time to fit in a virtual lesson.

Beginners to Advanced Students Too!

Learning an instrument is a lifelong pursuit, and we’re happy to take students from any part of that journey from no experience to years of experience.

If you’ve never held a drumstick, our professional instructors can show you how and if you played the drums in a band but want to learn a new genre, we’re happy to help you do that, too.

Some of our students start as beginners and learn fills, beginner solos, rhythms, techniques, and note reading by learning to play their favorite songs. Other students turn to us to help them strengthen the basics and set up the framework to move onto advanced techniques and higher education training.

Here at Bold Music, we know that staying engaged with lessons and keeping up a practice habit comes down to enjoying the process and wanting to succeed. We involve you every step of the way, so your drum lessons will continue being enjoyable even when the material becomes more challenging.

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