Charlotte, NC


Domenice Elcock

Imagine a young girl running around the house…natural hair swinging back and forth as she plays air guitar and makes up a song (that only a child could). You have just caught a glimpse, of the first day Domenice decided to sing. If you met her today you would notice that the air guitar has been replaced by a piano and the songs that she writes now, make much more sense…but the passion remains the same.

Domenice is a Charlotte based singer, songwriter, and composer that seeks to help facilitate a safe place for those around her to grow and develop their musical abilities! Through her college years (although she majored in psychology) her pursuit of music and its ability to bring people together never faltered. At night (after studying of course) her friends and some of the students from the UNCG School of Music, Theatre, and Dance would gather in the practice rooms and create together. It is these real, organic experiences in music that has helped to shape her outlook on the arts and the communities that surround them.

“When you provide people with an opportunity to learn, explore new things and exchange information from their unique experiences there is no limit to what doors can open!” -Domenice

During and after college, Domenice began to write and compose original material for churches, plays, and also produced a full body of work for a Contemporary Christian group (Minds In Christ “Project Genesis”). Since then she has branched into teaching and mentoring praise teams, bands, and choirs to help develop effectiveness through ministry. She teaches vocal techniques, song writing, and piano with added creative sessions/performances.

Domenice has also played piano, provided background vocals, and written for Arsena Schroeder. She is currently working with her own band “1 WAY NORTH” on curating shows and recording an E.P. since releasing her first single “Heavy Weight” in 2018.