Need new gear at unbeatable prices? Look no further than Sweetwater. This online retailer specializes in all things music. It’s top-notch, so we at Bold Music decided to partner with them in our continuing effort to provide our students with the best possible music experience. After all, getting the right gear at the right price is an important component in successfully learning an instrument.

Here’s how it works:

To get any gear you need and to receive a special Bold Music Student Offer, simply call Anthony Longano at (800)-222-4700, extension 1279. Be sure to mention being a Bold Music student/parent and Anthony will tell you what the Bold Music Special Offer can save you.

Here are a couple of perks that come with shopping at Sweetwater:

*Personalized contact with the same sales rep every time you shop (a highly knowledgeable one at that–see below).
*Free shipping on all orders
*Unbeatable pricing
*Awesome warranty/return policies

Finally, from Anthony at Sweetwater:

“I grew up playing music and touring with bands around the country. I also have a production degree from SAE in New York. My main instrument is guitar, and I have a background in classical tuba as well. I play a wide array of other instruments, but I mainly earned my stripes working in commercial recording studios in the NYC/NJ area, and engineering/mixing is really my passion these days. I own an awesome studio here in town, and still play out doing original music as well. I have a wide array of musical experience and a great deal of product knowledge. Im happy to be a resource for you to get to that next level.”

If Anthony is out of the office when you call, simply dial his assistant Rebecca Kaufeld at (800)-222-4700 (x2259) or contact her via email at: Finally, Anthony loves seeing what students are up to with their new Sweetwater gear, so feel free to check him out on Instagram, and heres a look at his studio/gear setup too!

That’s all for now, Rock on!