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If you’re in Asheville, NC and you’re looking for great piano lessons from a talented instructor, you’ve come to the perfect place! At Bold Music, our skilled and passionate piano instructors are some of the best musicians in North Carolina and love teaching students of every skill level and age. Our piano lessons are taught either in your home or live over video conference with the latest and greatest software to make sure we don't skip a beat and you get the flexibility you need in your schedule. Ready to learn more? Shoot us a note!

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Lesson Options

We offer a few different types of video lessons at Bold Music, each taught weekly, live over video conference, or in your home.

60 Minute Lessons

Learn to play the music you want and new techniques without feeling rushed. A full hour helps us cover a lot of material each week.

45 Minute Lessons

No time for a full hour? Catch us on your lunch break or after school with your kids for a session that still gives us plenty of time to learn.

30 Minute Lessons

Just getting started or don't have much time in your busy schedule? A 30 minute lesson is a great way to start learning.

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A Few of Our Talented Piano Instructors


Voice, piano

Domenice Elcock

Malcolm McKinley


Piano, voice, wind instruments

Joe Levi


Guitar, bass, piano, songwriting, voice, production

James Nunn

Our Instructors Teach You to Play Every Type of Piano

Anybody that has experience playing the piano knows that you can play it in many different styles. At Bold Music, our teachers are skilled at providing lessons in all styles. You can learn as many styles as you desire and if you want to learn something, you just have to ask us. Some of the piano styles that you can learn from us are:

  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Modern
  • Pop and more

All our virtual lessons are custom-tailored towards each individual’s needs. Our one-on-one sessions allow you to inform us of your passions, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. It also allows us to create a lesson plan that fits into your routine so you don’t undergo any unnecessary stress to learn how to play the piano. The specialized lesson plan allows you to learn faster and have lots of fun while doing so!

If you are unsure about what you want to play — whether you’re torn between styles or just don't know the terminology yet — our instructors can teach you the basics of different styles. They’ll start you off with the easiest songs in different styles so you can decide which style or styles you want to learn.

Our Instructors Teach People of All Ages

Playing the piano is a passion for all ages. You’re never too young or too old to start learning to play the piano. At Bold Music, we tutor children, teenagers, adults, and elderly people.

Our skilled instructors are patient, which makes them perfect for teaching children. They incorporate fun into every lesson which encourages children to learn how to play the piano. Our passionate instructors are as great with older and more mature students as they are with children!

We Tutor People at All Skill Levels

We accept students at every level of skill, ranging from beginners to advanced students. Many of our students start without any knowledge about pianos while others are already at least partly familiar with pianos. No matter the level you’re on, we’ll help you improve your skills.

If you’re a beginner, we’ll teach you the basics of playing the piano — chords, note readings, scales, and how to play easy songs. Learning the basics well means it’ll be easier for you to move on to harder levels.

For the advanced students, we’ll give you tips on how to perfect your playing skills. We’ll also instruct you on how to play harder songs.

Whatever your skill level is, we at Bold Music will help you improve your skills by developing a custom plan that suits your unique needs and interests. You can even pick the songs you want to learn! Learning one of your favorite songs will make you more determined to succeed since you’ll be excited about playing it.

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