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Welcome to Bold Music! Our guitar lessons are where diligence, exploration, creativity, and fun come together. Our experienced guitar instructors tailor the virtual learning process for each student, maximizing success and growth. The guitar is one of the most popular instruments that we teach at Bold Music. We offer virtual guitar lessons in bass guitar, classical guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. Our professionals can help, whether you want to learn how to jam better, perform at one of Asheville’s several open mic nights, curl up with your guitar and pick out a few tunes for yourself.


Lesson Options

We offer a few different types of video lessons at Bold Music, each taught weekly, live over video conference.

60 Minute Lessons

Learn all the new material you want without feeling hurried. You'll have time to learn new techniques and practice them learning your favorite songs.

45 Minute Lessons

Don't have time for a full hour? Our 45 minute guitar lessons are a great option for a wide variety of students and still plenty of time to learn how to play.

30 Minute Lessons

In a rush or maybe have a small child that doesn't have a long attention span yet? Our 30 minute lessons can be a great introduction for beginner guitar players.

Guitar Lessons for Every Style

Whether bass, electric, or acoustic, you can expect our talented guitar instructors to give you lessons in all of these genres of music. Our instructors can also teach you all types of guitar that you want to learn, even with a lot of variety within the instrument.

At Bold Music, we understand that every student has their unique interests in music and goals and learns in their own way. Our expert instructors will take time to listen to what you want to play and support you in the challenges and opportunities of your journey in music.

We believe that you can excel in music and share your gift with the world!

We know how vital it is to have an instructor listening to your specific goals and what you want to play. You need a professional who will teach and cheer you on through the opportunities and challenges in music, an individual who appreciates your distinctive learning style.

By learning guitar with Bold Music, you'll grow into the guitarist you've always wanted to be!

A Few of Our Talented Guitar Instructors


Guitar and bass

Dallas Dwight


Guitar, bass, and ukulele

Payton Harkins


Guitar and bass

Darryl Silvera

Devyn Dayton


Guitar and bass

Malcolm McKinley


Guitar, bass, and ukulele

Rahsaan Lacey

We Teach All Ages

Bold Music works with the best music instructors in North Carolina, many of whom perform with traditional groups that tour internationally, teach in schools, and play for orchestras and symphonies. And we teach all ages from kids to adults!

With our virtual guitar lessons for kids, our expert guitar instructors will guide your child from start to finish for whatever they want to accomplish. We even have live gig nights around the state!

Are you a little bit older and just getting started learning guitar? We teach our adult students to play guitar in a fun and challenging way and take them through popular songs that they want to learn.

Our mantra is learning by doing.

We Teach All Skill Levels

Whether you have been playing for years or a beginner who is just starting, Bold Music has experienced and talented guitar instructors for beginners and seasoned players. We can give all the necessary help you need even if you have never strummed a guitar before or want tips or a refresher on an instrument you have played for years.

If you are a beginner, you can learn guitar from scratches, such as reading music, proper fingering, and scales. With this, you can have fun while learning. And if you want to continue, the process will prepare you for advanced training.

We combine fun with teaching since it improves learning and keeps our students engaged and motivated.

Remember to Practice Your Guitar Playing!

We encourage all our students to remember to practice between sessions! You can significantly improve your guitar learning through practice, which is the backbone of learning any instrument. That is why our expert instructors will walk you through the steps you need to know to play the guitar and teach you new techniques. But do you know that you can have fun while improving yourself through practice?

If you want to become a skilled musician, you must practice since it enhances your musical capacity by teaching you essential skills. Practice will also guide you through the muscle memory required for playing the guitar.

Remember that you will get better when you practice consistently!

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