Raleigh, NC


Rushton Loring

Raleigh NC Native, Rushton Emery Loring is a full time musician in the band Heads Up Penny. He specializes in guitar, voice, and songwriting.

When he first picked up a guitar back in the early 2000's he did so with the intent of being in a band. As fate and hard work would have it, he's been in one ever since. He took one-on-one guitar lessons during middle school and high school. All other musical knowledge has been acquired by personal practice or experience on the road.

Throughout the years, Rushton has found himself in a number of diverse musical outfits. He was a worship leader in high school and college. This eventually brought him to leading worship at youth conferences with attendance in the thousands. Rushton's personal bands played local town festivals, college events, bars, etc.

Rushton graduated from UNCG with a BA in English and concentration in poetry. His passion for words and for songwriting were nurtured during this time.

In 2016 he formed the band Heads Up Penny. They started with a passion for music but little knowledge about how to actually make a living out of it. Through immense effort, a lot of hard lessons learned and a little bit of luck, Rushton is now a full time musician and the band has been signed to East Coast Entertainment.

He desires to share the lessons he's learned with the current and future musicians of the world. His goal is to be a part of something that helps others find their joy in music - whether it's writing a song to get through a tough time, getting together to jam with friends or even making it a profession.