Charlotte, NC


Stephanie Krupunich

Music is a way in which we understand the deepest most sincere thoughts and emotions of one another. I truly believe the arts bring us joy, enable us to deal with and give shape to the greatest, most unanswerable questions and are ultimately the profoundest expression of our humanity. Music must be taught because it is the ultimate tool to promote creativity and it brings out the inner most quality of ones own self to a form that can be understood by others. Music has been huge aspect through my life. I began taking piano lessons in 2nd grade, then voice lessons in 3rd grade, and the french horn in 4th grade. This lead to being a part of chorus and band throughout school. It was the education I received from my school and private music teachers which pushed me to pursue a career in music.

I graduated from The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York in 2013 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Music Education. Under the direction of Dr. Susan Harwood, I studied music as a vocalist for all four years of my undergraduate career. In 2010, I founded the first co-ed a cappella group, The Golden Notes, who performed locally, around the state and even competed in the ICCA’s (The Varsity Vocals International Championship of Collegiate A Capella). I was also a member of the College of Saint Rose Chamber Choir all four years. We toured all over Europe singing major and minor works by a variety of different composers. We toured in Salzburg, Austria; Leon and Lepuy, France and in Cork, Ireland. During my time at Saint Rose, I was also a member of the Saint Rose Dance Club and from 2011-2013, I was President of the Dance Club. In January 2017, I completed my Masters Degree in Music Education from Boston University.

Originally from New York, I taught elementary music in New York City and relocated to North Carolina in 2016. In my music classes, I find ways to relate to the students through modern techniques to keep them interested in learning. My music teachers helped instill the love of music to me and I hope to return the favor to you.

I recently relocated once again to Chicago, where I continue to teach in the school system and privately with Bold via our virtual platform.