Charlotte, NC


Melody Jackson

Melody Jackson has been singing as long as she can remember, and playing piano since the age of 3. The daughter of two artists (one a professional musician, and both educators), she has long possessed a love for creative expression. Growing up, Melody noticed that the arts were often undervalued in both professional and educational senses. She decided that she would do her part to help change that.

She is thankful for her mother’s foresight in naming her. Her father wanted to name her “Patsy Mae” after his own mother. Considering her passion for music and choice of profession, “Melody” seems to be the more fitting (if decidedly less southern) choice. On stage, Melody goes by “Emaejai” - pronounced M.A.J. like her initials. The “Mae” in Emaejai is a tribute to her late grandmother, who passed down her own love for music to her children.

Melody has more than 20 years of musical experience in live performance, ministerial, and recording settings. As a songwriter, pianist, and vocalist, she is excited to nurture a passion for music, creation, and performance in others. In her teaching experience, few things bring her greater pleasure than seeing her students light up as they find joy and revelation in their learning process.

Melody looks forward to meeting new students for voice and piano lessons.