Charlotte, NC


Mars Licciardi

Mars Licciardi is a performer, worship leader and music educator with a base of operation in Charlotte, NC. Originally hailing from the greater Chicagoland area, Mars created a life long career as a musician through touring regionally and performing at notable venues throughout Chicago and the Midwest as well as teaching thousands of private students and group classes.

Mars’s trademark is his vibrant energy and unwavering work ethic as a performer on stage and in the studio, as a music teacher, and as a worship leader. A dedicated and skilled educator, he has developed musical curriculum for tens of thousands of private and group lessons for both aspiring and experienced players of all ages. In partnership with Consolidated Music of Barrington IL he co-founded Rockstar 101, one of the most successful independent rock schools in the Chicago area.

Mars constantly seeks ways to give back to his community through music. Having had the opportunity to grow up playing music and working with prominent local and national musicians, including recording with several multi-platinum producers, Mars consistently gives back through volunteerism and advocacy for those in need. Whether he is setting up charities to fund private music classes, directly teaching underprivileged children, or volunteering at local churches, Mars uses his gift of music to try and improve individuals lives.

Mars specializes in rock, blues, folk, progressive, R&B, alternative, indie, country and acoustic styles of guitar playing. He also specializes in vocal arrangement and singer/songwriter creative work. He draws from a deep understanding of the history of music as well as contemporary trends to be a part of the exciting future of music with passion and love for the craft. His ability to stay on top of current music trends has resulted in an ever expanding repertoire and the ability to stay relevant in a constantly changing musical environment. Mars understands that each student is unique and adapts his teaching style to the strengths and needs of the individual.