Charlotte, NC


Kelly Xu

Kelly Xu is a classically trained, Charlotte-based piano teacher.

Born in Shanghai, Kelly always had a strong affinity for music. In school, she learned to sing and play the harmonica but she always dreamed of playing the piano. At age 9, she moved to California where she finally began learning classical piano.

Since then, she completed a BA in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and studied abroad in Switzerland at the University of Zurich where she became fluent in German and French.

She then moved to Charlotte and worked for over a year with children of all backgrounds, teaching them cognitive behavioral therapy skills. Here, she discovered her passion for helping children grow.

Now, Kelly is able to combine her passion for music and children as a piano teacher. She continues to enjoy playing piano in her own free time, and loves to teach students of all backgrounds and goals, helping them to realize their own unique dreams!