Charlotte, NC


Joe Levi

Joe Levi began his music career at a very early age in Sumter, South Carolina. At the age of 9, Joe was given his first instrument: the clarinet. Considering his early start, he found himself 2 steps ahead of his peers and was starting to become bored in band classes. Seeing this, his band instructor handed him a used tenor saxophone, which challenged him in new ways. Playing clarinet, saxophone, and his newly acquired guitar over Christmas, Joe continued to practice and pursue his art throughout middle and high school. When Joe graduated high school, he pursued a degree in Music Composition at Winthrop University. He was accepted into the music conservatory and was selected as a Freshman to be in the Wind Symphony, saxophone quartets, and jazz quartets. While in college, Joe also picked up piano and voice lessons to further his musicianship. He also taught himself songwriting and producing, recording his fellow music peers. Now, Joe can be found playing in local Rock Hill venues, producing for his band, and teaching.