Charlotte, NC


Jackson Cini

Jackson Cini has been drawn to music from a very young age. After his parents noticed his passion for music early on they signed him up for piano lessons. He continued piano all the way until middle school and then he discovered the saxophone.

Due to his classical background, Jackson was able to excel at the saxophone and helped him discover his passion for jazz music. Throughout high school, Jackson got serious about his musical studies and began taking private lessons to help further develop his musical abilities.

When Jackson graduated in 2016 he had received the national Louis Armstrong Jazz award along with being recognized at local jazz festivals. At this time Jackson was beginning to perform locally around the Raleigh area.

After high school, Jackson was excepted at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he studied under Dr. Will Campbell. Along with being accepted to the university, Jackson was awarded the biggest musical scholarship anyone had received at the time. Throughout his time at UNCC, Jackson received many awards regarding his performance ability.

Early this year Jackson traveled to New York to take a lesson with the Tim Armacost in hopes to pursue higher education at Queens College. Jackson was accepted to Queens but decided to take the year off considering the circumstances.

Jackson currently resides in Charlotte. He teaches students of all ages and performs locally with his band and other musicians.