Charlotte, NC


Ethan Pugh

Ethan Pugh is a Charlotte based drummersinger, and songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. His work resembles the influence of modern jazz, soft rock, and most importantly, “pocket” drumming. After studying under local jazz legend Al Sergel IVfor numerous years, Ethan carries the ability to be undoubtedly creative yet anchored in proper technique. Within the past year alone, Ethan has worked with numerous artists both in live performances and studio sessions. Artists such as, Andy Squyres, Brandon Berg, and Daniel Seth.

Most commonly known as “Ethan Nathaniel” as a singer/songwriter and producer, Ethan’s music is strongly inspired by his travels across the globe. Within the past 3 years, he has traveled to more than 20 countries and 4 continents. In fact, the majority of his songs have been written abroad. Since returning from is travels in 2017, he quickly released is first self-titled EP, “This Wandering” that quickly gained the attention of many. Following his latest single, “Heaven’s Field” Ethan’s music has quickly become popular, being heard in over 71 countries and accumulating nearly 30,000 streams on Spotify in November 2018 alone. At the end of the day, Ethan is passionate about music that means something and embodies a true feeling or experience.