Charlotte, NC


Emily Sage

Emily Sage is a Charlotte-based Independent artist with strong leanings in jazz and soul. Her romantic and lullaby-like songwriting style is largely influenced by her time spent growing up in Portugal.

Emily graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, TN with a BA in Songwriting and minor in Music Business. She continues to cultivate her relationships through collaboration in both Charlotte and Nashville. One of her favorite collaborations is the CLT Loft Session series she runs with Sara Colée which highlights the artistry and story of indie artists. Currently, she is also in the process of recording a full-length album with producer Dylan Byrnes in Nashville.

Being a songwriting mentor and music teacher is one of Emily’s greatest passions. She has taught Songwriting workshops and seminars around the world in both English and Portuguese. Private lessons are her favorite way of cultivating the unique expression of each individual through creativity and musical training.