Charlotte, NC


Clai Williams

Claiborne Williams is a multi-instrumentalist performing artist and producer based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. At an early age, he began teaching himself guitar and writing songs. Shortly after being able to play just a few chords, he started his first band with friends. Throughout high school in Chapel Hill, he played in several local groups ranging from rock n’ roll bands, folk trios, and worship teams.

During his college career, he founded a project that sent him and his bandmates on tours around the Southeastern United States. He has played several iconic venues ranging from New Orleans to Nashville. All the while self-producing, managing, and creating video content for that project as well as his solo work. After graduating UNC Charlotte with a degree in Creative Writing and Film Production, he worked on freelance ventures in the audio and film industry.

Currently, Claiborne is an active solo artist in the Charlotte live music scene and fronts an indie-pop rock trio named Hidden Regalia. He has a passion for music and strives to keep mastering the crafts in songwriting, production, guitar, mandolin, bass, ukulele, and drums.