Charlotte, NC


Ashley Reynolds

Ashley Reynolds grew up in the small town of Barnwell, SC. This town is not known for being saturated with the arts, but she grew up loving to sing. From the age of 8, she started singing in her church with the Praise Team.

A few years later, she started taking voice lessons from a woman who also taught her piano. It wasn’t until her Junior year of high school, however, that she discovered her love for classical singing. She started taking voice lessons from Diane Haslam of Aiken, SC, who taught her how to sing in Italian, Spanish, German, and French. Ashley immediately loved learning to sing in different languages. This is when she discovered she wanted to study music in college.

Now, 7 years later, she has received a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Performance from Winthrop University and a Master’s Degree in Vocal Pedagogy from East Carolina University. She was always interested in how the voice worked, which is what led her to study pedagogy. Throughout her collegiate career, she learned so much and had many wonderful professors and mentors. She was also cast in several operas and very involved with choir over those years. She even had the opportunity to travel and perform with the ensembles of both universities. This included New York, where she performed in Carnegie Hall with Winthrop Chorale; as well as Alabama, Kansas City, and Washington D.C. with the ECU Chamber Singers.

Now she teaches voice lessons of every genre and piano lessons as well. Teaching and seeing her students learn and grow is her passion and she couldn’t imagine doing anything else with her life.