Charlotte, NC


Amber Pasquale

Amber started learning the piano at age 6 and began voice training at age 8. She would practice piano for hours on end with a metronome, and would move onto a vocal training and pitch control. Amber’s own lesson experience as a child taught her all about music, but also discipline, confidence, structure – and the room to relax creatively.

In middle school, she learned to play the flute and french horn, and she joined her high school marching band as a flutist. In orchestra, she focused her attention on the French horn, which furthered her understanding and interest in playing with ensembles.

Amber continued her music education at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida, and also studied music therapy, theory and performance at Daytona State College. Over the years, Amber has performed in jazz choirs, sang and danced in show ensembles, and played piano for many concerts and recitals throughout Florida and North Carolina.

Amber instructs pianovoice and music theory. She also teaches music therapy helping children with autism and other special needs learn the joys of music.

Amber teaches a wide variety of styles, including classical, Broadway, pop, rock and more. She teachers all ages starting at four years of age and up. She has 10+ years of experience working with elementary, middle and high school students helping them get lead roles, be audition ready and prepared for talent shows at school or in the community. She is excited to join our team and ready to work with you!