Holiday Gear Part 1: Apps

Tablets, smartphones and computers have completely changed how music is taught and learned. At Bold, we are constantly improving our instructional techniques, and that involves bridging the traditional with the latest innovations in music instruction technology. Now that the holidays are rolling around, let’s take a look at some apps that make all the difference in learning and performing music.

iReal Pro

Any serious musician that owns a tablet should become familiar with iReal Pro. Originally an app that played chord changes at any tempo, it has evolved into much more.

Not only does there exist a vast online forum whereby you can access and download thousands of chord progressions to your favorite songs in any genre for free, but you can also create your own chord charts and playlists. This makes playing gigs convenient, as you only need an iPad to access all your music. It is also a crucial piece of software for practicing, as you can control tempo and adjust which instruments are heard to allow you to work on rhythm and lead playing.

Anytune Pro+

Anytune Pro+ allows you to access any song in your music library and, among other things, adjust tempo and key. These two features are especially important for practicing songs correctly as well as working on transposition.

Want to get a solo just right? Play along with it using the Anytune Pro+ app at a slower tempo than orgininally recorded, and work your way up to full speed.


Practicing with a metronome really is the only way to master rhythm. Subdivide is a metronome app that comes with a variety of settings, allowing the beat to be manipulated in even the most abstract ways. With sounds ranging from the standard woodblock to a dance beat, everything about Subdivide is completely customizable.

These three apps are just a few that are helping musicians across the globe get to the next level. With the holidays fast approaching, think about downloading these apps for yourself or your kids. Technology is everywhere, so why not take advantage while learning music?